Organizing Home and De-clutter Toronto

 iClean Home can help make your Toronto home organized and clutter-free! i Clean Home will de-clutter your home and transform any space in your house or your apartment in order to maximize space and efficiency. We do home organizing in Toronto, North York, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke and York area. You will be amazed at how much lighter you will feel; it’s like having a weight lifted off of your shoulders. Are you ready to organize and de-clutter your home?

The less you have, the easier your items will fit into your space — and the less time you will spend in cleaning. Typically, we pull every article out of the problem area(s) and help you to decide what to do with each item: keep, donate, or toss. Then, we will organize what’s left. We will put everything in its’ place.”

When you want to move from a big house to smaller home such as condo apartment you will need to get rid of extra stuff and de-clutter
Living a De-cluttered and Organized Life has many benefits:

  • Makes everyday living simpler
  • Find what you need faster
  • Saves money by not buying unneeded items
  • More time to do other activities and be with the people you enjoy
  • Provides more room for living and for the space to be used to its’ full potential
  • Feel less stress in a clutter-free environment
  • Increase your efficiency and productivity
Organizing/de-clutter Home
Senior Downsizing

When it’s time to move into a smaller, more convenient place, in other words downsize, i Clean Home organizer can help you settle in. We help make the transition easier for the adult children and older adults.

  • Sort through years of memories, precious heirlooms and treasured antiques
  • Go through every cabinet, shelf, closet and room in the house
  • Coordinate with movers and real estate agents
  • Pack your items and unpack in the new home
  • Assess new storage areas so you know what you can take with you
  • Clean out and prepare the home for sale
  • Give families peace of mind by managing all of these details
Packing, Unpacking

Affordable Packing/Unpacking Solutions

Compared to the time and stress packing/unpacking will take you, hiring a professional to do it for you is relatively inexpensive. We are eager to provide you with full service, or partial, packing services.

For a surprisingly low cost, Remington professional packers will pack your items in a strategic manner. They will divide, categorize, and label your things. They will label boxes, and ensure that everything is packed in the safest manner. Upon arrival at your new home, Remington professional packers will unpack them for you and place them as per your delegation.

Bins, baskets, containers, and shelves can all be clearly labeled to identify what belongs inside. i Clean Home experts will make recommendations about any items that may need to put aside to sell or for charity.

Packing items for moving home - toronto